Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eat Here Now

I think I remember a place in Manhattan with that name. Could have been just a sign, but I rember liking it.
There's a Chinese truck here called GO NOW. Same deal, keep it simple.

Here's what you do and by the way, do it now.

Meanwhile at Coffee Shop, we've got a test run of maybe 10 menus going.
They look good.
CEBRA ComunicaciĆ³n Visual, a local design group is making my design notions into handy pamphlets, signs and now a menu. All the proper lay-out of everything seen so far at CS is from these guys. Big shout out to Marcello, Camilo and the rest.
Also none of this is possible without Carlos Filgueira. We are friends with similar attachments...... 

That's his son Mauro with Vincent.

Groups are welcome so feel free to call and see if we can work something out. Coffee Shop (2) 708-8346.

Still working towards delivery. Any day now, so stay tuned.

We've had work friends and birthdays, all successful.
There's WiFi,  good music ( put it to a test )  and a relaxed atmosphere.

........and you can stay as long as you like.

See you then.

1 comment:

  1. Eat Here Now...
    That reminds me of a sign I spotted in front of a restaurant many years ago...

    "Come on in... before we both starve to death!"

    Vancouver Island, Canada