Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mate, no.

If you time it right we can share one, but no we don't serve mate.
Still warm in Montevideo, downright hot many days, but nights can be cooler. 
When you see kids going back to school it can only mean one thing: playstation will get some rest. 
Or that fall is near.

Coffee Shop has some specials this week:

Quesadillas-tortillas de trigo relleno con queso, cebollas carmalizadas
 pollo o carne
                           - flour tortillas with melted cheese, caramalized onions and chicken or beef.

 Ensalada Remolacha- Remolachas relladas, verdes, queso azul y pasas.                                                  
-shredded beets, greens, blue cheese and raisens. yeah, raisens.

We just finished a month of a promotion "Medienda por Dos". A two for one special promoted by WooW. If you've ever gotten a query from Groupon you know how this is. 
Lots of new faces, lots of converts.

Ya'll come back and see us sometime, y'hear? 


  1. I am arriving in Montevideo from USA week of
    25th March and the Coffee Shop is on the top of
    my list to visit.

  2. OK Phil, we'll see you here. Call (2) 708 8346 or look for us on