Monday, April 30, 2012

Ordenar Aqui

 Coffee Shop is growing a bit.

We've added a member to our troop; Augie (aka. Augustin) is an American raised by Uruguayos back in the US. So he shuttles between Spanish and English easily, which works for me and an increasing amount of customers.

We have been getting loads of foreigners and Yanquis top the list. It's can be weird, the mix of languages all talking at once.
We are getting an international following and that is just fine.

 Augie took these amazing photos of CS.

 It looks so big here. We only have 26 seats and four more outside.

 The 'ORDENAR AQUI' sign is kind of new. This is my last attempt at creating old looking signage. I'm calling in an expert.....Holly get down here!

This guys's got talent. The place does not even look this good.

Right side.

All is well in Coffetown.

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