Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The long road

All good at CS.
The weather in Montevideo is cooling rapidly, but we have some warm days still happening.

This past week was SEMANA TOURISMO or Holy Week and we were open just Mon., Tue., and Wednesday. That was plenty. By that time it was pretty quiet Here in Uruguay tm. 

Lately, a new friend has been dropping in and letting fly with his music.

This is Dave McIntyre.

He's and ex-pat and an incredible artist; painting murals, etching, whatever! 
He's just completed the score for an independent film and his laid-back style fits right in here. I want to post a link to his site. I'm looking for it, wait. Wait. Stay tuned for that one.
I'll see if I can get his music posted as well.
Friendly, bluesy (Jack Johnson meets Joe Cocker) he has a raspy, very seasoned voice. This guy's been there and back.
He's promised to play more at Coffee Shop, I'll be sure to post when he does.

Apple Pie still rules the roost here. Nothing we make typifies the place better.

It's hard to make the transition to baking in quantity. Every time a pie sells out we are amazed.


See you there.

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