Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Montevideo

How's that for a headline grabber! I'm not sure of the connection, but GO EVERYONE!

No posts and now this.
I'll be tweeting before long. KMN.

I'd much prefer to set up a slide show of the completely finished project, complete with an endearing soundtrack (btw don't rule this out), but the reality is that it may never be finished. Completely.
Anyway, what is?

The finishing touches are the most fun and when I can find time to snap a photo, I'm doin' it.

I'm finding my stride as the designer here, but I try to stay aware of my influences.

I am a fan of HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire' not only because of the great drama, actors and scripts, but my dearest friend (and Coffee Shop underwriter) Holly 'Hollywood' J. Moore will be back working on all those impressive sets for next season.

It's a long way from a good idea in your head to nailing it up, but seeing that good work and Holly's approach to it make for some serious inspiration.

Where's my painting?

I am clearly unqualified to stretch these signs, but I'm heading back with our hair dryer. Show that freakin' sign what-for.

I don't know how ready we will be on Monday, but HereinUruguay tm it's not the biggest deal.  Everybody is way mellow, but it seems they are hungry. People stop in all day long. I worry that I won't be able to feed all who come (who are we the Red Cross?), but I'm hedging our bets, banking on a cautious exploration by the neighborhood.

After we kill 'em with Janine's great food, then we can start worrying about not having it together.

I should have the signs finished this weekend and we plan to cook a lot. We can only make things for a few days; it has to be fresh. So we can practice on friends and ourselves and work on our systems.

No, we don't actually have a system. Eh.

I'm using a calculator you can buy from a vending machine: compare with phone.
Segafredo, evil or benign?

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