Monday, November 21, 2011

Ya llegamos

"you don't have to tell me, I know I look tired"
- Louden Wainwright III

The kitchen? Put it right here.
 I get that a lot and yes, I am tired.

I also get some not-too-subtle hints that I could have/should have gone faster. I know that too, but you see I didn't know how.

I hired or asked for help whenever I thought it could fit. This is telling; is it me or here that makes the 'fit' problematic?

Fully formed companies and Uruguayan versions of myself (contractors) were priced too high when I dared to even check.

Friends, family and favors made up what help we did have. For the most part, we did everything ourselves.

Our niece Ximena, turned my drawings into blue prints and officially filed them. So many good ideas and recomendations came from her. We can never thank her enough, but thanks Xime!

My friend Antonio (Chero) Carambula helped with carpentry part-time for a dozen weeks more or less. He was a big help and is always patient with me. I don't know how I would have managed someone without some English and an appreciation (or fear) of my expectations regarding accuarcy.  Alas, in the end even he found my overbearing presence too much.

Another pal, Gonzalo (Mono) Gutierrez was there on and off for most of the project, usually part-time. Apparently I don't know anyone who can work a full week, at least not for the meager pay I offer.  Actually the pay wasn't too terrible, but keeping a steady roster is fraught with difficulties.
He helped transport, translate and was there to listen as I figured things out aloud. We demo'd walls, scraped, mixed cement together and when finishing time came, his painting skills saved the day.
A big part was of his help (or sometimes just visits) was the much needed company. Yeah, I'm island, but a visitor now and again doesn't hurt.

WiFi installation, yeah!
Our biggest local booster is my sister-in-law Cecilia. She opted to diminished her official role, not being ready to run a busy day-to-day business, but that has allowed her to 'unofficially' be there for the really important stuff. She's financed, co-signed and used her considerable connections to make sure we weren't pushed around. She loves nothing more than a dust up when her loved ones are under fire.
bench appearance
When decorating time came around, her secret craft skills (who knew?) and design sense were unvailed to everyone's delight.

My parents came through when the chips were down.
No way we'd have made it without their help. I only wish they could be here to see the results in person. Maybe someday. Thanks for your sacrifices.

There are more to thank. I will do my best to aknowledge everyone who helped, supported and cheered us on.

So now it's time to make the donuts. Well, that's one of the few things we are actually buying already made. I'll explain Pangiorno another time, but we've got some baking to do.

There are still a few minor details to finish and we are not fully stocked yet. The sign and the last few things should all be here this week.

Opening day? I dunno, you tell me.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS once again.
    More pictures, please!