Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ready to pull the trigger

It's done..............

or is it?

I still have some things to do, original and necessary things, but they can wait.
We are stocking, testing (yum) and trying to come up with a system.

It's been fun to make a replica of a coffee shop, but where's the manual?

Ok, have a look then.  I can't take a decent picture with this camera.

In fact, any defects you notice are entirely the fault of the camera.

Harsh lighting, needs work.

 We're still working out the placement of things.
Our first menu needs some attention too.

It's readier every day.
The latest: Monday looks good. Vamos aver.

1 comment:

  1. love reading bout your efforts, sorry, James i havent moved there yet, I would have gladly slept on a floor and helped you.Ive built and renovated 3 restaurants and built my own home, and i will be arriving with tools galore im shipping in my container. congrats on the soft opening- they are the only way to go unless you're desperate for cash flow :) , I know that drill. a good friend of mine here on cape cod turned me onto Uruguay a few years ago, he's moving there full time this spring to the lakes region; it didnt take much research to to see what he had seen. Im not a city dweller but love brooklyn and NYC, so MTVD city living is for visits and friends i make only. i want to be the beach house in chuy they visit during the long summers and the small farm they bring the kids too just outside of town. I'm an organic farmer here and want to bring my skills to Urg. Maybe open a seasonal organic restaurant on the beach supplied by my farm? I look forward to having my soy latte coffe when i arrive by anerican airlines this feb or march when i come to visit Uruguay fpr the first time and see if Its a fit. if you need anything for the store like a small multiple key american cash register, etc, let me know and i'll stick it in my bag, im not bringing much other than flip flops and shorts to go surfing. well, i love your blogs, thank you both, you have really helped me know the culture and life better.... its not erfec but its a lot happier and easier going than here. I understand that happiness is internal and you bring yourself where ever you go- however- when you can live in an atmosphere that is laid back and easy going and the people are genuinely friendly, why wouldn't you live there vs here? I will find out. thank you again, maybe i can help when you open COFFEE SHOP #2. love the name. Billy P.S. is Claudia still single? :) lol.......