Monday, October 17, 2011

Winding down

Well that works out since we're out of just about everything else too. We are weeks away, however that's just for the renovation. Although we have 'secured' most providers and equipment, actually 'having' the stuff is another story.

We have a firm date for delivery of the oven and freezer. A used 'fridge is on site. Our coffee vender has been chosen, but I don't know when they will be bringing the machines.
Still waiting for Coke. Nothing firm on a bottled water yet. You can't believe how casual sales people are about returning messages.

We have the couch and coffee table complete with puffs tucked under for extra seating. The tables are done except for staining the edges and we are waiting for a blacksmith to finish making the bases. Should be this week.

We bought some pretty low budget chairs for now. Janine had a work party and all 15 were sanded and a few stained. They're all ready to go now so next delivery from our house should really fill the place

Cecelia entertains the girls with stories.
Virginia (L), Daniella (C) and Anita (standing) get it done.

Inside the place is really shaping up. I have more things to do than I care to list, but somehow it's getting finished.

The benches are nearly done. The floor ended up just fine. All that worry for nothing.

One of the new bathrooms is quite small. Our plumber is 'poco gordo'. When the two must meet, well see for yourself.

Ok, the next post should have something worth looking at.

If you are near, we should see you soon eh?

Novemos, ciao.

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  1. Hello,

    I found this blogspot via TotalUruguay; I am an expat who has just arrived here in Montevideo. I'd love to chat with you about your cafe and see if you have any needs regarding professional baristas or training. In the US I am a nationally ranked competition barista, a latte art trainer, and an expert in machine maintenance. I am also a former cafe owner, an interior designer, and I have years of restaurant management experience.

    No matter what I will be paying you guys a visit once you open! And I have my eye on opening a cafe here as well - I'll be interested to see how your business does. In which barrio are you?