Sunday, September 11, 2011

We try to direct every ounce of energy toward the opening, which is just around the corner. Yeah, it's probably a corner a few blocks away, but it is a corner.

Here's a Orange Chiffon Cake by Janine and it came out fabulous.
Light (chiffone - duh), moist, sweet and just a little tart.  This will go on the menu for sure.

Still on the hunt for a case or 'Vitrina'. This less than impressive used model was in a workshop of a guy who manufactures all kinds.
It wasn't wide enough and the small size and curved glass make it look kind of goofy. Glass of different (and too thin) sizes was used for repairs as well. Another dead end. The process has proven more difficult than we thought.
This guy and his shop was no exception although he did make follow up calls.
Even with shops that custom fabricate it's no sure thing. Big shops are busy and when they discover your order is small, the salesman you must pass through, becomes hard to reach. Small shops can be too casual, with half restored models that might work if we put up half the money and hope they finish it.
Too risky; with the look of those shops it's likely we'd wait a long time just to be dissapointed.

Meanwhile the work continues. The weather is getting nicer by the day.  I cleaned up out front a little.
That corner is a magnet for trash and Montivedo streets have plenty. We plan to put a small wall around our patio area to help control the debris and separate that space for tables. Maybe some planters on top, an awning, a sandwich board announcing daily specials?

I've put the over-the-door sign frame in its spot until we are agreed on our logo.

Then the lighted sign on our tower gets renewed and form a single line people.
I'm not sure about a "Coming Soon" type window covering as my dad suggested. At first because of how long it was going to take. I hate coming soon's that take forever to come.  I think we are such a small community that people are well aware something is coming. I want the surprise to be big.

There's a hint if you look closely.

I've finished with most of the shop work. When the floor is finished and strong I'll have everything moved over. This will require a 'flete' which is the term for a man with a van. It's pretty cheap; around $240 for an hour, about U$10.00.
It's so cold in my shop.

Taking your calls now!

You can see the floor (better than half way) and the semi finished condition of the place as I try to make a skype call from 'work'.
It's slow  (predictable), but coming out great. I expect great things.

See you there soon!

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