Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doc Ellis: loyal and loved

 "What's a Coffee Shop?"

We get all kinds of requests at Coffee Shop; sometimes complete with a menu from a coffee shop in Holland.

Request duly noted.

Warmer days, things speed up at Coffee Shop

Busier every day, more or less.
We have our moments of chaos punctuating quiet spells, but even those grow fewer by the month. Happily we are finding a place in the the economy? Vamos arriba.

Segafredo - great coffee, but at price.
 This was one of our first machines and although Segafredo has been efficiently replacing them, they ultimately fail. We've never been a half hour without one (thank the stars for that!) to their credit, but I  believe we're ready for the big leagues. Come on 'fredo.
Notice Janine's posture as the guy explains how this one will be different.

Brownies, Bagels and Bulls**t

 No complaints on the brownies. I do believe  they're about the best in town. Try one and see.

 We're making bagel sandwiches now.  Not everybody has an overwhelming desire for bagels (not yet) and I get few orders for one as a bagelwich.

I've been eating most of them so far.

Most times it's toasted with cream cheese. I'm happy to oblige.

We're in a pitched battle with our landlord over maintenance. We've poured too much blood, sweat and tears (not to mention dollars) into this place to take crap from an out of town owner with little interest in us other than collecting rent.
I know with our transformation of the space he'd just as soon see us gone.

Don't worry folks, that's not likely.

Not likely at all.

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