Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bagels. You heard right, BAGELS !

 Coffee Shop has bagels!

 Recently we've been buying medialunas (croissants) from a French baker. No joke, he's really French and medialunas have reached new heights here.

original medialunas
He's making us like these little ones that are a sort of snack and to the larger ones we add ham and cheese. Medialunas Rellenas are a hot ticket and customers are glad to find them.

Our baker was willing to give bagels a try. He's never had one.
I know.
I don't know how many tries it took him, but by the third batch brought here they are nearing perfection.
I think the recipe's a good one, the baker a genius, good water and we are nearly sea-level, so there you have it.

Try one for yourself. Visit the menu at www.coffeeshop.com.uy for everything else we have.

 Mucha Leche Away

Augie, we hardly knew ye. Well, I'm sure we've only knicked the surface.

After an outstanding term here, our pal (as well as assistant manager) has moved on. Not easy saying goodbye to an employee like that. Especially when he'll be coming in all the time anyway.

So it's with heavy heart we bid Sr. Leche farewell, for the time being that is.

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