Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lesser the Fuller

Life's busy at Coffee Shop.
It takes a lot of hours to create the appearance of easy going tranquility.

You relax with a lemon bar, I'm going over here to loose my mind thank you.

"                    "

Quote of the Day - not as popular as the Soup of the Day, but we keep trying to say something about something all the time. Add yours, at your peril.

There has been; Roasted Red Pepper, Cream Spinache, Squash/Ginger, French Onion, and shown here Papa y Puerro (Potato/Leek). They are yummy and we never seem to make enough.

All specials do well in Mvd, people love a bargain. It's good middle ground: please try my food and I'll make it a better deal.

"I'm detective Gonzalez, Intergalactic Space Agency and you're in big trouble buddy". Maybe he said 'Lady'?

Or put your own caption to this photo of our charming regular and friend Christian Serron. He builds web platforms and sites and generally knows everything.
Sorry ladies, he's taken. And sorry to all the dudes as well, Hell's Bells- he's handsome! I know, right?

Rolling Thunder
 The weather has been blustery; cold and sometimes windy. I'd hate to be biking it around town (yeah, that's the reason I don't bike around town) or even motoring as with CS standard Andrew Lim (L). He's driving a sweet Red Vespa, but likely freezing much of the time.

Montevideo continues to churn up sunny afternoons, idiotic political ideas and a populace more optimistic than it lets on or should be really. Why is everyone so nice here when there's so much wrong going on in this world?

Please come and do the research yourself. Stop by for a coffee if you can.

not making sense now
thanks for reading.....


  1. hahaha "rolling thunder". perfect.

    - el tigre de fuego.

  2. LOL! just a good friend could write in such a nice way about me.
    Great place with great people, no doubt about it.

    Important Information To The Reader:
    Those lemon bars are out of this world!