Monday, December 31, 2012

This Year in Coffee

Well, we've made our first year. Derecho de Piso is like 'paying your dues' and so it goes.
We've done it with assorted helpers, great support from the community and a sharing of the load with our family.

Passed through were; Augie, Santiago, Don and now Andrew are learing the trade while they help.
Eight Years
Cecelia, Mono, Luca, Vincent - we couldn't do without you either.

So many new friends; Dave, Kelly, Francios, Katie and Jack just to name a few. Some I haven't even got the name, pero igual, it's all good.
We get so much love, it's almost wrong to charge.

The place hasn't changed much, but behind the scenes we are working hard to impove it.
We've made better friends of our landlord and hope this next year is a new beginning.

 We have outside umbrellas now (from sparkling water provider) to jazz up the front a bit.

There are paper to-go cups in the works (I know, I know they really are coming!) and there will be a cold case up front soon, for easy access for things ready to take away .



Stay tuned, we are working like little beavers to make Coffee Shop a place you won't want to be away from long.

Thanks to everyone for helping to make our dream come true.

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