Monday, June 13, 2011

Esta Marchando

My latests adopted Uruguayan phrase which means something like "it's going", as everyone wants to know how it's going and when will I be done.

It seems the paperwork or 'tramitas' with the city and it's agencies are about as difficult as the work I'm doing and will take just as long.

I've nearly finished breaking anything that needs it (somehow I know I'll break something that doesn't) and the plumbing rough-in is just about complete. I will have the plumber back again next week and that should do it until the fixtures go in. Although I expect I'll be doing most of that, you know keeping the costs down and all.

A connection 'box' for two sinks and dishwasher is ready.

A new pipe for the existing w/c connecting to a new one.

Setting the new w/c according to the planned walls.
All that bathroom excavation is now covered and I'll start the walls and new ceiling shortly.

I've met with a few ventilation contractors and will have to choose one soon. As is usual here in Uruguay, the prices vary considerably. We always get a few bids, even with professional services like lawyers and accountants. It's almost always results in savings.

OK, thanks for following. More results of the renovation and a progress report on our licences next time.


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  1. The cinnamon rolls look delicious! How is the shop coming along? When will you be opening?