Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here we go again. 

No, these are not recycled photos of the last demolition I did at San Salvador, it just all looks the same.

This concrete header beam (or 'viga' in Spanish) is the only one I'll leave from the middle room which is now completely gone, yeh. Notice the bars buried inside as well as the pebbles of granite that go into the mix. And this is an interior wall support! 

I hope this is last one I have to tangle with. Big thanks to my friend Mono, who put in a couple of days on this hard stuff.

Lots of excavation and exploration going on. 

This is the work to tap the existing bathroom water for a sink in our service area.

Next, digging into the floor to add a W/C.

This hallway was actually the kitchen once upon a time. I've removed the ceiling to make access for storing supplies on top of the adjacent room.

We're leaving that sink, although the pipes need to be changed and we'll use every bit of space above and to the side for cabinets.

I'm a little worried about having enough storage space. Can you tell?

So, another week or so of the rough stuff and then framing and concrete repair. Finishing walls with cement is called 'revoke' here and I love doing it. 

It's weird, but my masonry skills are improving fairly quickly here. Maybe it's some kind of genetic or ancestral knowledge I didn't even know I had. Fuggedaboudit!

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