Friday, July 29, 2011

Progress Report 512a

I am sick of these newspapers, need a new view.
I wish!  
This is just some cute place in a remote neighborhood.

The inside is shaping up nicely and Janine has all our licensing and paperwork under control. OK, so when will we open? Still don´t know. Electrician is nearly finished and I have begun the floor tile.

Last week was problematic with so much fútbol action! Uruguay´s stunning defeat of Argentina´s national team and then the big win over Paraguay for the top spot and most Copa America wins (15). Since the games were relatively close (Argentina), the electrician went to one game. Then after Sunday´s game, most of the country was busy celebrating more than working.

In a sympathy injury, I pulled a hamstring and laid low last weekend.

We still haven´t decided on a display case. It´s been tough to find the right one. We don´t need all of it refrigerated and it can´t be too wide or too deep. There are one million types and we´ve even some some good used ones, but still we remain undecided. It´s also a problem to leave the job and schlep around town.

We really like this model on the right; cooled bottom area for cakes and things, upper shelf not-so-cooled and a ´fridge behind. We just don´t want to spring for a new one, not now.

This Brazilian import was all over. It´s alright, size and all, but it only comes in hideous blue. No sale.

This retro model is a favorite (I wish it came with the classic Falcon behind it). We aren´t sure about something so old; how much time and money for repairs? Also, it may fog up. Again, just not sure.

Now, we´ve found a local company that makes them to order! I like local and I like custom. The prices are very good too. So we are getting a price on a model that is just what we have in mind.

Can you guess which one we chose?

This maniac is the plumber, he listens to scratchy fm music on some sort of walkman. It's always playing in one ear; while you talk, while he talks. It's like he's austistic and the low rattle of music calms him. He's a good guy.
Wheelbarrel Table
Latley a lot of mate on the job and it hasn't been easy on my system. I have been way over cafinated for weeks and as I'm now starting to love it, well I'm in deep.

Some days it's a mess in here.
The job is legal and the business paperwork, a Uruguyan laberynth, is nearly complete. We are thinking about design issues, furniture and the kitchen set up. Providers have promised us a bunch of equipment too, well now it's time to pony up. No firm decision on who's coffee we'll sell, so there.
On signage I have some strong favorites and a lot of input as to color scheme, placement and the synergy of our logo and packaging along with that important sign.
Anybody like the idea of an off-center, paper to-go cup slowly rotating out front on the big post we have? It would really show the logo and remind everyone that can just pop in and take a coffee away, to some other place. Yeah, it can be a real treat sometimes and we've got to get everyone in Mvd. doing more of it.
We like the sign. 

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  1. Hola,

    Looks like a very fun project. I wish you well.

    I was impressed with the photo of the restaurant equipment sales floor. Please tell me who and where they are, as I will be building a commercial kitchen and will need to know good sources. My email address is "rylang23".

    Muchas Gracias!