Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, that's that

It seems we've done all we can do and our latest location is not to be. We have been serious and courteous about the negotiations, but in the end I can't say it was reciprocated.
It's not clear why this deal has....er, disintegrated, but I guess every side has their reasons. We have spent time and money, but alas if it was easy everybody would be doing it.
We had already been looking at other locations (this thing started to smell some time back) and I am confident something even better will come along.
With winter coming and no project under way our spirits are a bit dampened, but the bright side is that when it's cold and gray, prices fall a little. So that's good.

With the camera on the fritz (read Rocha post), I will have to make do with archive photos.

This is a sort of food court in a Manhattan Marriott Hotel lobby. A lot of kitchen in a small space. Me like.

If you are waiting for a coffee place with just the right atmosphere here in Montevideo, please hang in there. It is coming.

Thanks for reading.

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