Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Search Continues

We have not given up, not by a long shot.

Jumping back in we are encouraged by what we've found available. Prices are still quite high and that's where they'll stay while demand is high.
One place we thought had potential almost wasn't available for a second look. The realtor said she was expecting a deposit, if not she'd call.

Well, she called and we can have a second look. Ploy? We're not sure, but it's funny how much more viable a spot becomes the minute you learn it's no longer available.
I suppose it only illustrates that places do go quickly, for a variety of business ideas.

We will take a relaxed second look to see if it can work for us.

Another great spot (just not great for us) was a guy running a small restaurant by himself just around the corner from where we used to live. 

The place is very cute and is a pretty good deal. The rent is reasonable, the keys not too expensive (with financing available) and it has everything. It's literally ready to go.

We couldn't believe the guy was setting up, cooking and serving his customers. I think it may have been a small, but loyal clientele.
This location is right in 'gastronomic district' and has two nice coffee spots just blocks away. We have another idea about the right location, but if anyone is looking for a small restaurant to get started on the  cheap, this is it.

The other spot warranted no pictures. It had some interest for us, but was under construction. 
We are passing on that one too. They had described it as the whole corner when in fact another two business share the space and a decidedly less glamorous one occupies the actual corner. I think they divided up a bit too much and they are asking too much for the rent.

Oh well. We will explore the one good one as well as some pricier opportunities to buy out existing, but profitable businesses. Let's hope our reach doesn't exceed our grasp.

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  1. I wish you all the best. I am sure you will find the right place soon. Don't give up!