Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Can't Say

Sorry, no posts on Coffee Shop for the following reason(s); I didn't know what I should and shouldn't say about an ongoing negotiation. Not that any of the principles are reading this, or any would-be competitor would gain something from it (well, maybe that a little), I just don't know when it's a 'jinx' or not. It seems like something has been happening or about to since that November post as we were taking our second look at the location.
We have been quite near signing for the place two times, as some readers may know. We are still in it (yeah I'm adding that queer joining part) to win it. I will post the particulars when it's a done deal.

 In the mean time........

............ we have been looking elsewhere while we enjoy the summer. This photo is from last year. As you can see the research that goes into this process is exhausting. The sandwich caliente is a staple in Uruguay, even Mickey D's has it. Their Cafes are a welcome addition to the city, evil mega corporation not withstanding.

This is a shot of an Argentinian franchise blossoming here. They do everything well from what I can see. They seem expensive and a bit fancy for us.

Oh, the research, it's killing me. Literally, it's probably killing me. Look at this set up! We know how to make this bomb and apparently people eat it. I had one by myself, but I'm told their often shared. God, I hope so.

The frappe thing is delicious, but more like a milkshake than a coffee drink.

Stay tuned, something good is cookin'. 
I promise.

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  1. I am subscribing to your blog and looking forward for more news. I love cafes and good coffee too.