Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in it

The end is near, I swear it.
Since it looks as though San Salvador will close at the end of this month, we are redoubling our efforts to find a spot. It hasn't gotten any easier; not much on the market to begin with and most for rent rather than for sale.

I can see it here
Here's a house for sale not far from where we live. The corner is busy, not a winding cobblestone street adjacent to a park, but there are attractions. There's a bill payment center - lots of foot traffic, some other small businesses and a bakery. Although the main cross street is a bit fast there is a bus stop.
cute courtyard

The price seems a bit high for this house.  It's cramped, run down and would need a complete overhaul. It has no garage or backyard, although a small patio and some roof space are a plus. As a residence, it has stiff competition at that price which could be good for us.
Onward and upward.
Janine contemplates the possibilities

could be quaint, right?

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