Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cinema with your coffee?

As we gather facts toward deciding yeah or neigh on our latest find, we must grapple with a queer new question. Would our vision work in a setting that's joined with a movie cinema? Would any model work?
We have recently added places for rent and folks selling an existing business to our search. We've lost some of our funding and may have to abandon buying a place for now. Cecilia is a willing participant and has joined us in the search. Her contribution could play an important part in what we choose.
Marylin Cafe underwhelmed us when we visited as customers last year. We responded to the owner's ad and surprisingly he revealed the actual location straight away. Not usual here at all. We know this place.
It's a tidy little place with a corny theme and decorations. I guess it's named for Marylin Monroe, movie actress. Movie theater.....hello? Whatever. Not much space and an awkward layout we'd like to change.
The price seems reasonable, but God is in the details. 
We are doing all we can to decipher the arrangement between the landlord (the cinema) and the tenant. I'm not sure it's a fit, but definitely worth some further investigation.

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