Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Good Lead

We caught wind of a store available in a neighborhood we like. The owner's brother and co-owner, (they also own it along with a third brother), put a up the sign and hired a broker with out so much as a word to him. So we are led to believe. I'm not sure that's all true and I don't even think that's the worst of it.

We've been down this road before with a house we were hoping to buy. We never got anywhere with our offers. It was tied up with a 'sucesion', the probate process here; his mother has lived there and just died. Then a brother in Brazil didn't agree on a sale or the price. It was one excuse and delay after the next. I don't think the house was ever really in play. I still see this guy around the neighborhood.

I know some of the history of this store; longtime tenants who were at odds with the owner. Bad blood over a long period of time. I do have some hope because I believe they really wanted this guy out, but the manner of this guy didn't seem right. He claimed to not know how much they wanted, but had some idea of a rent.

The inside is a wreck and it will take a lot of work, but I loved it. It would be perfect for the coffee shop and this location is a true hard-to-come-by spot. If we can make a deal on this I'll be a little amazed.

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