Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Looking

I don't think the Tango place is going to work out. The place, the block (and the owner) seemed a long way from ready. It wasn't our first choice to be in the old city, but were willing to try if the conditions were right.

So onward and upward or as they say here 'vamos arriba'.

We looked at this place months ago. We are trying to find a place to buy and not rent, plus this site is quite small for us. The location is ideal, but Montevideo is not quite ready for a mostly take-out coffee bar. In fact, the take-out issue looms large in this endeavor. I'll get into it a bit on my next post.
We have a lot of interesting graffiti here. IMM is Uruguay's IRS. Apparently something thinks they are robbing us. Some things are truly universal.

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