Friday, January 15, 2010

The search continues....

We haven't been looking around too much lately, due mostly to the fact that the San Salvador has not sold yet. Sarmiento would have been a good place to get started, but without the funds we had to pull out. I think it's still available though.
There is a chance of starting something without a lot of capital.

Janine has a friend with a house in the old city. This part of town is where most tourists visit and is very close to the port. I know cruise ships come, but not how often. Is there business in the winter months? We don't know yet.
La Ciudad Vieja is vibrant and has traffic, but the poverty and petty crime can be a bother. Surrounding neighborhoods are know drug areas. We would not be open at night, but even during the day vigilence would be necessary.
The city has been converting the street to a pedestrian walk-way and will be reaching this spot quite soon. It connects the port with the main plaza, which is where most people are headed and many, many people will pass by. It could be a good thing.
The pro's are that we'd have a chance to practice; how we work together, what we'd sell, how to set the atmosphere, etc. and all for a minimum of out-lay.
The con's are shaping up as such: our friend has renovated this old house nearly singlehandedly. I don't know if she's willing to change much. She's an attorney and professional Tango dancer, very hard working. The place has been operating as a Tango Bar nights for a while with some success. During the day there are yoga and some music classes held there. She now says the plans are to rent some rooms out, bed and breakfast style. I beleive she's been to a B&B tradeshow in Europe. She doesn't fool around.
She is however, exhausted. In the midst of a divorce, she's starting to admit she may have bit off more than she can chew. It was her suggestion that we consider her place for our coffee shop.
I don't know how well she plays with other. She's not what you'd call easy going.
There are some specific concessions she'd have to make almost immediately like a bathroom downstairs and some doors to separate the yoga space. She hardly changed expression when these were brought up. The harder points regarding how the space is shared and what kind of deal we could agree on seem even less likely to be sorted out easily .
We remain optimistic and open to the idea. I'd like to see this work out, at least for a while. Let's see if all sides can accept some change and compromise for the benefit of all


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