Monday, December 5, 2011

Stereo Needed

Here's my Spanish email begging for a relic we can use. Problem is people use relics here.

Estamos buscando un 'stereo' viejo o amplificador para Coffee Shop. Si algien tiene uno que na use o para vender barato, se los agradecemos.

Janine is the real author of that. Holla.

We'd like to improve the music at Coffee Shop. No I don't mean I'm cutting back on Bright Eyes; it's the sound system that needs something.

They don't have one.

So we are looking for an amp (w/receiver or not), hopefully some unused and working 'in' ports to plug in some digital music.

Our personal architect and angel investor, Ximena stopped by with Matias strapped and Paulina in tow. Here's Janine grilling Pauli on any stereo equipment she may be hording. Oh she cracked, says she's got a horsey. We're analysing that for now.

This may not seem like an urgent need or need at all (I know I'm/it's annoying to beat the bushes this way), but we're fishing:(

Poco Gente (not many customers) yet. Not a complaint, just a report. I think the summer is not the big season for the city and a new business must be sniffed out throroughly before being committed to.

We're cool with that.

So, pass by, eat something nice and take a rest.

Ed Brindell
Distrist Supervisor
Coffee Shop Worldwide Ltd.
Branchville, Az.

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  1. jim,janine... good recievers/cd player systems w/ inputs that work are lightweight and dirt cheap here, i have several, can i send you one for xmas?.. how long does it take to recieve? if you have decent speakers, it would even be easier- i'd just send the system basics..... ? seriously, they are dirt cheap here, free, half the time at yard sales and good ones.. please let me know if i can help- I will be moving there w/in the year, rocha/ chuy area . i replied to another post with some of my UY story. dont know if you read it- love your Blog, thanks for the Uy insight. Billy