Friday, February 7, 2014

We're all over that

Not always the newest :(

Our Latest Year

  • Cutting edge innovations in food preparation techniques
  • newest recipes, outlandish colors
  • texture and taste to make you faint!

Well not exactly, but we've done alright just laying low and shooting for adequate. I mean the food is great, but actually having it here and fresh 5 days a week and not fucking things up feels like a major triumph.

Take it Walkin'
They look something like this.

Our to-go coffee cups are starting to circulate and we are reaching new people all the time. It's not merely the latest bad habit to infect the Southern Cone, it's mad convenient to get a coffee in a sturdy, paper cup with a proper sip-top on-the-run. People are starting to get the hang of it.

 We're back

Coffee Shop was on vacation from Dec. 22 until Jan. 15th (or so), 2014. We're back with the same menu although some prices have gone up a bit. Thanks for a great year, etc. and thanks to our crew and customers for not just coming in, but for supporting, encouraging and validating the Coffee Shop way of life. It's no bullshit.

Work for Food

As ever, if you are staying in Mvd. for an extended period, speak English and Spanish please stop by or mail us at to see about a job. Experience in food preparation is a plus, good attitude a must. Here's an example of the kind of thing we appreciate. I wish this guy would apply here.
The pay is quite modest, but there are other considerations. Come in and we'll talk about it.

End of an Era

Coffee Shop says goodbye (for now?) to our good friend and loyal customer Dangerous Dave Ellis who's moved on in his travels to explore life in Columbia. It's the care free, rolling stone of a life we'd all try if we could.
The higher the fewer
 Best of luck and we hope he rambles this way again soon.

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